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What Every Parent Should Know about Strangers

By admin | July 14, 2011

Because of the increase in kidnappings and crimes toward children, every parent should have a talk about strangers with their kids. One brief ten minute conversation with a child could be the difference between a creepy stranger being caught harassing school children and a child going missing after he or she get in someone’s car.

Not all strangers mean children harm but to be on the safe side parents must assume that they are all predators and get their children mentally able to protect themselves. Parents should find a good way to explain to their children that there are some adults who do bad things to kids.The whole story can be found at http://ssofdv.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/they-who-hurt-our-children/ They should sit them down and tell them that mommy and daddy are the only big people who they should talk to about private things.

Children should be warned never to get into a car with a stranger for any reason of any kind. If it is not mommy, daddy, or a relative in the car then they should contact mommy or daddy and ask them first. Parents should always let their children know that they love them and they can come to them and discuss anything that they may be confused about.

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