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Teaching Your Child to be Safe at the Neighbors

By admin | September 30, 2011

Children are the most precious gifts we have. There is not anything a parent wouldn’t do to protect their child. but what about when your child is out of your sight, how do you protect them then? Let’s talk about how to teach your child to be safe while they are at a neighbors house. First and most importantly always tell your child to be aware of their surroundings. One important thing that children need to know is always have an escape route in case of a fire or other emergency. Even at a neighbors house there should always be a plan of attack should a situation arise. Also make sure your child understands the good touch-bad touch situation. Explain to them who should touch them and who shouldn’t. Always teach your child if they feel uncomfortable about something to talk with the nearest adult and let them know what is going on. Always make sure if your child is not with you they know a phone number to contact you and tell them to call you whenever a situation arises that they may need help or advice in. Most importantly know your neighbors and their background. A little research on them could save a lot of hassle down the road!

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