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What Every Burglar Looks For in a Home

By admin | October 6, 2011

Burglars want to get the most for their efforts in as little time as possible. The main thing most burglars look for are valuables. Valuables can be anything from jewelry, to electronics, to cash.
Listed below are 3 ways to avoid theft from your home.
1. Always lock all of your doors and windows when you leave your home. A burglar can enter and exit your home in a matter of minutes. In the short time it takes you to complete a nearby errand, you can become an unsuspecting victim. When you are locking doors, do not forget the hidden back door, and ground level windows as they would be an easily targeted area if they are out of main views.This/tag helps explain it more.
2. When you are packing your car for a vacation, keep your garage door closed. By keeping your door closed it will not allow intruders to see that you are going on an extended trip which would make your home an easy target.
3. Do not leave small valuables clearly exposed. You may have some company come to your home and become a victim of burglary due to temptation. Burglars are often people that the victim knows personally. Avoid someone swiping your valuables by putting them away.

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