5 Tips for Elder Safety in an Urban Environment

Living in an Urban Environment can be risky for an elderly person. Crime often lurks in densely populated areas. It does not have to be risky. Just taking a few simple precautionary steps can make life a lot safer for an elderly person in this type of area. Here are a few rule of thumb safety tips:

Avoid Night Walks: Many elderly people love to walk because it is great exercise and can be exhilarating. However, night walking should not be done in an urban area. To be on the safe side walking should be done during daytime hours and an elderly person should be in the home before sunset.

Notify Someone: Before going anywhere an elderly person should notify a nearby relative of his or her plans. The individual should give an approximate time as to when he or she plans to return. This will alert the family member that something may be wrong if he or she does not hear from the elderly person within a certain amount of time.

Do Not Travel Alone: If there is any possible way that a close friend or family member can travel with the elderly person to go shopping and to the doctors, that is best. That way if the elderly individual gets sick there is someone around who can assist or call an ambulance.

Keep A Cell: An elderly person should keep a cellular device on their person at all times so that people can contact them and they can make calls for help.

Keep Windows And Doors Locked: When leaving the home is necessary at night lights and televisions should be left on to give an appearance that someone is home.

Living in an urban area does not have to be stressful. Just following these simple tips could help.