Teaching Your Child to be Safe at School

You send your kids off to school with everything on their supply list; backpack, pencils, paper, and crayons. Something that is not on the list, but is also a necessity, is teaching your children how to be safe at school. Before your child starts kindergarten teach them a few basics to keep them safe:

‘Be sure your child knows their full name, parents- names, address, and phone number. Make a game out of it and make it fun for them to learn this important information.
‘Teach them that it is not only okay to yell ‘NO- if someone touches them in a way that they don-t like, but that they can yell it as loud as they want.
‘Make sure they know that they can tell you anything that is going on with them. It is imperative that the lines of communication stay open between you and your child.
‘Assure your child that you will never send someone that they don-t know to pick them up. Tell them that that if
someone tries to convince them to get in a car with them that they should not under any circumstances go and they should tell a teacher or other adult as soon as possible.

Bullying has received a lot of attention lately. Bullying is never okay and you should teach your child when and how to ask for help if they are being bullied. Standing tall and staying calm can do wonders to diffuse a bullying situation and it that doesn-t work, teach your child to walk away and find an adult to tell.

Teaching children the basics of keeping themselves safe not only brings them (and you) peace of mind, it also empowers them and gives them confidence that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.